ABBA-PAI: Our little brains in formation


For some years now, ABBA has been producing an information letter called ABBA-PAI. Since last year, we have decided to use this vehicle to prepare studies relevant to ABBA’s area of activity, that is, social assistance. From this issue, we will use this blog space to publish ABBA-PAI.

We started with this edition, as it is the first part of a series of three studies on the formation of our minds and the formation of our society.

“There is no more accurate way of revealing the soul of a society than the way it treats its children” (Nelson Mandela).

The formation of our minds depends on the world around us, and our minds shape the world around us. This is a very broad and complex subject. So, we want to spend a lot of time thinking about it. In the next three issues of ABBA-PAI, we will talk about the formation, (de)formation, and (re)formation of our mind. Like it or not, the future of our society, even of humanity, depends on how we treat our children. Read in this ABBA-PAI about the formation of our minds during the first years of life, the importance of the family environment and affective bonds, and what kind of society results from this.

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