ABBA-PAI: Our little brains in (de)formation


This is the second part of a series of three studies we are producing on the relationship between neurological development and society, or between our minds and our world. Our accelerated neurological development in the first fifteen months after birth is a gift that has given humans greater abilities to survive.

We saw in the last ABBA-PAI (read here) that this gift is what makes our neurological development happen to form good socio-affective relationships and live well in society, becoming cooperative, productive, supportive, and empathetic members in the communities we are in. Thus, a safe, just, and culturally and economically vibrant society is formed. However, our neurological plasticity to conform to the environment in this early period of development has a side effect. Negative and even traumatic experiences of neglect and violence can determine a baby’s neurological development for the rest of his life.

If you want to know the consequences of this, both individually and socially, take the time to read this study. The information presented here should be considered in depth by anyone interested in the good of children at risk and social vulnerability. Read here.

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